The Paralegal Society of Canada

Our Mission:

Our mission is to further the interests of paralegals as professionals throughout Canada while providing legal services  to the consumer and to act as a watchdog for the consumer against unscrupulous individuals who run unethical and unprofessional practices.

Our Voice:

We represent professional paralegals by voicing their concerns and contributing to their development by bringing integrity to the paralegal profession.

We monitor consumer rights by addressing complaints and taking appropriate action against such individuals who run unethical practices.  We actively participate in legislative processes to protect public interest and paralegals as professional service providers.

History and Structure:

The Paralegal Society of Canada was formulated in 1992 making it the oldest paralegal society in existence to date.

The purpose of this society was to gather paralegals under one banner to work towards creating awareness and giving a voice to paralegals. 

Over the  years the society has matured into an organization that not only is a voice for paralegals but also advocates consumer protection and professional conduct. Currently the society has four elected directors, the majority of our membership is currently in Ontario, however we have several members throughout the country and this number is growing.

All full voting members of the society have professional liability insurance and maintain respectable practices.  All members are required to go through a screening process and must be of good character professionally in order to maintain their status as a member of The Paralegal Society of Canada.