Paralegals & Immigration

The continued debate about Paralegal’s being able to perform the full gambit of immigration services rages on.   It is unfortunate that as Paralegal’s the Law Society has so far restricted this area of practice for us, and in order to be able to fill and file immigration forms we also have to become licensed Immigration Consultants.

This licensing involves a whole other set of fees and insurances and regulation by another body, currently ICCRC, specifically designed for this area of practice, duplicating many of the functions we are able to perform as paralegals.  This hardly seems fair but the lawyers have always had a stronger lobby with the government and the Law Society than paralegals.  

It is our understanding that 3 Paralegals have filed an application on September 16, 2021 naming the Respondents LSO et al in Superior Court challenging these restrictions.  We anxiously await the outcome of these proceedings and hopefully in the interests of our profession this will bring about much warranted change!!

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