We look forward to any and all new referrals to the Society.

We will be sending out a letter in the next week to all of our members regarding legislation governing our Letters Patent. We would appreciate all members taking the opportunity to review the transition documents here on the website and then sign and return the approval by June 15, 2014. Once two-thirds of executed approvals are received we will see to filing the Articles of Continuance and passing the new By-law. We thank you for your assistance in this regard.

A five year review of the areas of practice by The Law Society of Upper Canada has resulted in no new movement in increasing the scope of practice for Paralegals. The general consensus appears to be further education for paralegals before consideration of increasing the areas of practice for the profession can occur. Therefore we
must continue our fight to have the areas of practice increased. There has been movement in other provinces by paralegals, for paralegals to obtain standing before the courts and tribunals provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. We in Ontario are lucky to have gained recognition through regulation however the scope of practice has been severally curtailed through this same regulation.

On Saturday April 26, 2014, Judi attended the Paralegal Society of Ontario’s Annual General Meeting held at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale. The sole purpose of this meeting was to deal with the amalgamation of the Paralegal Society of Ontario and the Licensed Paralegal Association. The PSO is pleased to report that on April 26, 2014, the members unanimously voted to amalgamate with the Licensed Paralegal Association. After amalgamation this new body will be known as The Ontario Paralegal Association.

We will be attending future meetings with the amalgamated Paralegal Society of Ontario and the Licensed Paralegal Association. We the Paralegal Society of Canada will also be seeking some form of association with this newly formed body, and to provide a joint membership to all current members of the three different organizations. This however may be a little more problematic as we are a federal association and they are provincial, but we need to keep in mind that there is power in numbers and in solidarity amongst the groups! If we all speak with one voice all paralegals will be able to move further ahead in all the areas of practice and there will be more opportunities for us to get things done for the benefit of the group!
Check our website for postings of any upcoming events that this new association will be holding.

CPD points will be available for some of the events hosted by the Ontario Paralegal Association. It will be advantageous for our members to attend some of these events in order to obtain the requisite CPD points and to meet some of our colleagues in the field.
There is an event being held on May 31, 2014 at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall at 948 Sheppard Ave. W. regarding Small Claims Court. The amalgamated Ontario Paralegal Association will continue to hold information sessions on the last Saturday of the month at this location or by webinar . Most of these sessions carry CPD points for attendance. We will keep you updated on these information sessions.